Migomedia implements a comprehensive strategy for S-DOM development company

Migomedia is responsible for preparing the graphic design, the logo of Osiedle Wiosenne, printed and online advertising materials, an attractive website and outdoor advertisements to be placed in and around the investment.

The graphic design and the website itself are aimed at distinguishing this investment from its immediate competition, i.e. the nearby investments of direct rivals.

Scope of work

S-DOM hired Migomedia to prepare a consistent image of the S-DOM brand and distinguish its investment among the competition. Migomedia designed the logo, an interesting website with an interactive map of the investment as well as advertising materials. It now continues e-marketing activities which effectively increase the number of visitors and people interested in the company’s offer.

Migomedia implemented tools that support the sales of semi-detached houses, including an interactive map with the option of selecting a house and viewing its plans as well as clear pricelists and apartment information sheets.


The result is a modern website that effectively supports sales.

Open the website in a new window: SDOM

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