Migomedia’s success at the IBRAND conference

Our expert, Malgorzata Bednarek, received enthusiastic, very good and positive feedback on her training conducted as part of the IBRAND project, an initiative of the AIESEC international organization. Read the opinions of conference participants.

ibrand konferencja

During the conference, Malgorzata Bednarek talked about current issues and trends in e-marketing, analyzed reasons and available tools and presented numerous case studies, illustrating successful and failed campaigns.

Below are some quotes from training participants provided to us by the organizers:

  • "This training was a source of inspiration, showing how to use online resources in promotional campaigns."
  • "The students liked the way the presentation was conducted and fantastic practical knowledge that may be used at work – the vast knowledge and experience of the instructor was clearly visible!!!"
  • "The lecturer was very precise and concrete; she knew what she was talking about."
  • "This training is very modern and futuristic. It is fresh and gives ideas for a wide range of possible actions.”
  • "I learned some interesting things which will surely prove useful soon. I gained lots of practical knowledge about effective e-marketing and the training was conducted in a very accessible way, with humorous touches.”
  • "This training provided me with lots of practical information. It included concrete and interesting examples.”
  • "The training included many examples and lots of information on how to prepare effective advertising campaigns. It also stimulated creative thinking and looking for new solutions.”
  • "It was adjusted to the participants’ interests. The training was engaging, discussed future marketing trends and included many interesting examples in the form of case studies.”

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