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Migomedia was responsible for implementing a large website for TVP SA.


An experienced team of Migomedia programmers and web developers is responsible for implementation work that involves the modification of templates and scripts in order to adapt them for page visualization.

Telewizja Polska SA (abbreviated TVP SA) is probably the best-known Polish company and the only public TV broadcaster in the Republic of Poland by law.

Its headquarters are located in Warsaw (ul. Jana Pawla Woronicza 17) and are very impressive in terms of size. The site comprises ten-odd buildings and internal roads – it is truly a city within a city.

Current TVP SA channels:

  • TVP1
  • TVP2
  • TVP HD
  • TVP Polonia
  • TVP Info
  • TVP Sport
  • TVP Kultura
  • TVP Historia
  • Biełsat TV

iTVP is an interactive TV with almost 5,000 programs available on demand and daily live broadcasts – it is the largest catalog of TV programs, which viewers can watch online at any moment. TVP Info is a large website with news concerning events taking place in Poland and abroad as well as information about sports, business and culture: interviews, opinions, galleries, videos, etc.

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