Google Adwords sponsored links

We offer you comprehensive consulting concerning the choice of the best phrases and keywords, completion of the campaign, report on its effectiveness and, above all, clear rules of paying for campaigns.

For whom?

Sponsored links are intended for customers who expect immediate results and large flexibility.

What you should know about sponsored links?

A sponsored link is a short text comprising a link to the advertiser’s website and a short description of the service. Because sponsored links are context-sensitive, they are displayed only to those who actively search for given products or services. Links are popular because internet users have a positive attitude towards them (similar to SEO).

Effective form of promotion

When you invest in sponsored links, you get immediate results. Just several hours after you place the order, the promoted website starts appearing among top search results. Sponsored links may be an independent e-marketing service or they may complement SEO.


Google Adwords charges you per click, not every time a given advertisement is displayed. Thus, you only pay for reaching the people who are interested in that advertisement. This form of promotion is very flexible. You can set the budget limit yourself and temporarily suspend the advertising campaign (e.g. due to low season or vacation) and not be charged anything during that period.

Advantages of sponsored link campaigns

  • Immediate results – top ranking in search engines within hours from placing the order
  • You can choose any number of keywords
  • You only pay for the results, i.e. when someone clicks the link to your website
  • Clear rules of paying for campaigns
  • You can set a daily advertising budget limit
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of actions
  • You can replace selected phrases with different ones during the campaign
  • Access to campaign account and report tracking.
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