Social media marketing

More and more companies order dedicated Facebook pages and professional, active account management.

The activities include:

  • unique Facebook pages (landing pages)

Signing up for a Facebook account is free to both companies and individuals. The basic profile offers just a few functions – wall, opinions, discussions, info and images – but it can be expanded and adjusted to your needs through applications and made-to-order modules.

Migomedia designs and implements Facebook pages and writes Facebook applications of your choice. After the initial talks, Migomedia will suggest you the strategy, presentation methods and possible features and modules that should be implemented.

  • account management/administration

The profile and activities on Facebook should be in line with your offline communication and website, or brand positioning.

  • organizing promotions and competitions (coordination, programming)

Your Facebook profile should attract other users to stimulate discussions and build a community around the brand. Migomedia implements appropriate marketing tools and plans promotional activities: competitions, affiliate programs, discounts for active users, interesting advertisements, polls, or other dedicated modules.

  • managing advertising campaigns

You should really consider social media marketing if your target group comprises:

  • people under 40 (managers, regular staff)
  • inhabitants, institutions and companies from large cities
  • consumers and companies open to novelty and innovation

You should invest in a professional profile to stay ahead of the competition and to build a modern image of a company that is open to novelty and dialog with the customers

Important facts that further demonstrate the possibilities and potential of social media; these quotations are taken from the EURO RSCG Wordwide report.

"One in five respondents declares that information from social media are more important than information provided by traditional media. (...) The subjects describe themselves as people who think independently (85%), who are often first to try new things (41%) and are asked for advice and recommendations in many areas (54%). Moreover, they readily share positive and negative experiences concerning brands and products – as many as 3 out of 4 respondents do so. (...) Most people decide to interact with brands in social media because they like a given product (as many as 72% respondents do so). Other reasons include competitions and special offers (42%), direct invitation from a company or brand (37%) and curiosity (36%). What the consumers primarily expect from the brands are special/promotional offers (63%), and then unique and not published elsewhere information and news about a given company or brand.”

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As the President of GeoInvent I decided to choose Migomedia interactive agency because it was important for me to cooperate with an innovative company and to feel secure as we were at the key stage of preparations for getting our company listed on the stock exchange. I recommend Migomedia’s services to all companies that value cooperation with a reliable partner and want to be confident that this partner will implement modern solutions tailored to the company’s needs.

Robert Rutkowski, President of the Board at GeoInvent SA

Keep up the good work! Migomedia builds a community around the brand and their actions translate into business goals and sales. Migomedia is responsible for on-going coordination of marketing activities, including social media marketing.

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